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Shanghai Shengli specializes in mixer research, design, manufacture, sales and service. Main products are horizontal ribbon mixer, plough mixer, conical mixer, double shaft paddle mixer and some related and modified mixer. Our mixer is widely used in all kinds of powder industry, and increasingly used to mix granule, fiber and other materials.



Food industry:

Our equipment can mix food, like milk powder, protein powder, instant noodle, coffee, Eight Ingredient Porridge, MSG, tea, and vitamins; food ingredient, like starch, flour, sugar alcohol, salt,coco powder,spice, dietary fiber. Nuts, meat, cereal etc;
food additives and aid, like acidulant, antioxidant, zymin, antiseptic, thickener, food stuff bleacher, raising agent, colorant, edible gelatine.
Moreover, our mixers are widely used in mixing medical intermediate, Chinese medicine, health food, brewing, biological enzyme, and food packing material.


Battery industry:

Our equipments serve all kinds of battery material: Lithium battery positive material, like Lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, manganese, nickel and cobalt composite oxides, Lithium vanadium oxide and Lithium iron oxide; Lithium battery negative material, like artificial and natural graphite, MCMB, petroleum coke,  carbon fiber, Pyrolytic carbon materials; and some other kinds of kinds of storage battery. The battery that was mixed by our equipment, has been widely used to famous mobile phone, car, camera, and cell-driven vehicles.

Agriculture industry:

Our equipment are widely applied in agricultural production, such as pesticide, like intermediate, synthesis agent, ingredient,Insecticide, acaricide, bactericide, nematicides, Herbicide, rodenticide etc; fertilizer, like, organic manure, biological fertilizer products, roughage, silage, energy feed,protein supplement, mineral feed, vitamin feed, aquaculture industry feed and veterinary medicine,and pet food; and new type of plant protection, like Plant nutrition base, soil conditioner, soil water-holding agent, straw-decomposing inoculant, plant growth modifier, etc. Moreover, hey are widely used in soil cultivation, microbial application, bio-compost, desert afforestation, environmental protection industry as well.


Construction industry:

Our equipment enjoy a great population in mixing construction material, including wall covering material, like natural stone coating, waterproofing coatings, refractory matter, powder paint; dry-mixed mortar, like thermal mortar, anti-crack mortar, and special mortar; additives, like thickener, adhesive, building admixture; sanitary ceramics, like artificial marble,floor title, glaze materials, foamed cement,etc; cellulose ether, emulsion powder, PVA, antimitotic agent, methylcellulose,reinforced fibers, water reducer, retarder, defoamer, accelerator,  thixotropic agent, super plasticizer, hardener etc; plaster, artificial sand, natural sand, slag, coal ash, Perlite, recycling aggregate.


Chemical industry:

Our equipment are also favored by plastic industry like epoxy resin, pp, Fluorine, silicon, nano materials; oil comprehensive chemicals and drilling fluid, completion fluid, Coal catalyst, and coal chemical products; magnesium salt, sylvite, boron compound and borate, chromium salt, fluorine compound,silicon compound, silicate and related inorganic chemical industry; activated carbon, calcium carbide, carbon black, titanium dioxide etc; fluorescer, catalyst, surfactant,water treatment chemicals,flavors and fragrances, copper, manganese, zirconium, nickel powder metallurgy etc; refractory matter, thermal insulation material, carbon material, rotproof coating for metal, powder lubricant, rust preventives, textile dyestuff.

  Comprehensive industry:

Auto brake materials, warm patch, plant fiber environmental products, edible tableware, urban sludge treatment, slag processing, soil improvement, nanometer materials, fire extinguishing powder products, electrical compound weight block, diatomite product, Marine corrosion materials, physical cleaning materials, medical plastics, car explosion-proof membrane, Fuel additives, and waste tires treatment.