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Related equipment

Dust-free feeder
Suitable for manually operation, making sure dust free while undoing bag and feeding material.
Bulk-bag discharger
Including lifting device, negative pressure dust collecting device, and automatic discharging device, suitable for bulk bag unloading.
Pneumatic feeding station
Combination of negative feeding with vacuum feeding, simple structure and easy operation.
Vacuum feeder
Suitable for all kinds of powder and granules, easy cleaning and maintenance, compact structure, low failure rate.
Pressure conveying silo
Pneumatic conveying mode with large output, suitable for long distance and multi corners; low failure rate.
Dust collector
Suitable for all kinds of exhaust condition and powder dust extraction.
Tubular screw conveyor

Transport most material horizontally or slantly.

U shape screw conveyor

Easy for cleaning the inner wall or screw plate with the removable top cover.

Suitable for steep-lifting material in food or medicine line.
Bucket elevator

Suitable for steep-lifting the material in construction, chemical, and mineral line.

Auto packer

Manual bagging, auto feeding, measuring and packing,  suitable for open top and valve bags.

Bulk-bag packer

Combined big-bag packing equipment, feeding device, measuring system, and suspension system  equipment.

Feeding machine

It releases uniform material feeding, simple operation, and use in different kinds of valve.


Control shunted material, suitable for powder and granules.

flow assistant in silo bottom
Using the vibrating device on the silo bottom to help material flow, and prevent material from arching.
spraying an atomizing device

With the combination of the spraying tank and nozzles, liquid can be sprayed and atomized, exact flow control.

Weighting system
Equipped with weighing system, control material feeding.
Industrial touch screen

Display HMI, Intelligently control system state.