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Our team

Sales team
Salesperson: warm smile, careful service, steadfast work
Sales engineer: your request can help our progress
Sales technical director:put devotion to do every little thing

The design team
Equipment division: positioning accuracy, flexible transformation, rapid response
Process designer: enjoy work, to create value in the happiness
Equipment manufacturing division: do not abandon and do not give upany details

Manufacturing team
Scheduling personnel: reasonable arrangement work, do not delay, do not miss
Production personnel: professional methods, professional processing, professional technical
Production director: the high quality product is the only way to get customer trust
Quality team: our responsibility is to check every process for you

Service team
After-sale service personnel: solve the trouble after sale with full attention to it
Expatriate debugging agent: let me try my best to help you
After-sales maintenance personnel: maintenance of equipment is very important for theequipment's lifetime
After- sales engineer: your suggestion is to give power for our progress

Shenglicompany has a professional team,withclose cooperation between teams, we willhelp each other and go hand in hand.