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Human resource

Shengli machinery regard talents as the most precious wealth and the foundation of the development of the enterprise.

Core concept: give change to the people who want to try, give stage to the people who are able to do, give generous rewards to the achieving people. Every talent enjoys equal opportunity here.

The company set up three growth path for the employees, namely, technical person, operator, manager. Whatever you are , as long as you can study and work hard, you will grasp true skill and genuine knowledge, and finally become the talent that the company rely on.

The reason why Shengli Machinery became the leading enterprise in mixing line and developed rapidly is that we always attach the importance to the talents.

We attract and retain talented people with career, sentiment, and reward. We always implement found talent, train talent, retain talent and cherish talent principle. We are open to every talented person, and we believe that you will make big difference in Shengli, and realize self-fulfillment.

Shengli: “give you a stage, and let your genius run wild.”

Whether you are engaged in mechanical skill, electric engineering,workshop production, workshop management, administrative, project management, marketing, graphic design, or online marketing, please feel free to contact us, and we  warmly welcome more talented people to make contributions to the sustainable development of Shengli.