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in 1985 Hongda mixer factory was created

in 1985 the first double screw conical mixer was produced

in 1986 the first horizontal ribbon mixer was developed and produced

in 1990 the first double shaft mixer was developped produced

in 1993 pudong manufacturing base was put to use

in 1997 Shanghai Shengli Mixer Factory was created

in 2000 R&D studio was created

in 2001 Shanghai Shengli Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd was created

in 2002 the first plough shear mixer was produced

in 2003 the first phase of NanXiang manufacturing base was completed

in 2004 the fist automatic production line was put into use

in 2003 the second phase of NanXiang manufacturing base was completed

in 2007 air purged seal for horizontal mixer was developed

in 2009 the first continuous mixer was developed

in 2010 got three utility model patent

in 2010 got the Innovation fund support

in 2010 the turnover excessed 50 million

in 2010 high speed chopper device was developed

in 2011 got three utility molel patent

in 2011 the first paste was developed

in 2011 the company was certificated as high-tech achievements transferring project

in 2012 the company was recognized as high tech enterprise

in 2013 obtaining a patent on a mixer invention