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We are assessed as High and New Technology Enterprise by Shanghai science and technology committee. We have our own R&D department consisted of 10 people, one Hi-tech achievement transformation project,a number of invention patents, and several of utility model patents.

Our technology:

Combined stuffing and air-purged sealing unit
Buried 3000rpm chopper
High speed chopper sealing
Non-stop mixer
High-precision mixing equipment
Buried spraying nozzles
Double-driven Synchronous untwist output control unit.
Powder spherical valve


Project under researching

New type suspended arms in double screw mixer
Bottom-driven and zero pollution conical mixer
Modified type for double shaft continuous mixer

Our team is formed by experienced mixer technical engineer, and processing designer, thus we research and develop new type mixer and auxiliary components with many scientific research institutions and public institutions.

The developed advanced special equipment are:

Conical large diameter chamfering curling machine
Automatic large diameter screw Coiling machine
Automatic NC plate polishing machine
Multi-truck variable diameter edge finishing plate bending rolls
Multi-function workpiece polishing machine

The Special equipment under researching:

Automatic NC ribbon Coiling machine
Automatic welding manipulator
Large plate storage system


Our team is formed by technical engineer, and processing designer, who are experienced in different material property and different industries. Besides, we cooperate with a number of research institutions or public enterprises to jointly develop targeted new mixing equipment and auxiliary parts.

The new type mixer and auxiliary components are:

The heat source contacting dryer mixer machine
Plate embodied cool drying components
200tons/hour continuous coal processing and mixing machine.
Special plant fiber mixing machine. 
Hot air drying and mixing machine.
Special plastic adhesive material mixing machine
Continuous powder and liquid mixer
Continuous online quality and flow testing equipment